Don I. Waldo

DON I. WALDO is a filmmaker looking to develop meaningful, memorable content created by voices worthy of being heard. Don’s current slate of projects includes four features and two television pilots. Don has earned an MFA degree in Screenwriting from the UNC School of the Arts; and has also worked for the school’s Summer Film Program as a screenwriting instructor – working with aspiring young filmmakers as they hone their scripts for production.

Prior, Don achieved a MA in English, Creative Writing – winning the program’s Creative Writing Award for Fiction for his novella, Shoeless Joe, A Mile in My Shoes (published by UNCC’s University Press.) His poem of the same name won Spitball Magazine’s online “Poem of the Month” for July, 2011. A short, “Joe v. Ty,” was published in Spitball Magazine’s, Issue #71. After graduation, Don became a lecturer at UNC Charlotte – teaching numerous writing intensive film courses that he designed from the ground up.

Before returning to North Carolina , Don studied and worked in L.A. where he was a Finalist in America’s Best Screenwriting Competition. He also achieved a Professional Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA’s School of Film and Television. During these years, Don worked as an assistant with Great Krypton Production’s Superboy; and as a PA and a Reader for (David) Permut Presentations. When he first arrived in L.A., Don was a videographer, producing a number of TV spots such as KBL-TV’s “Cruise the Caribbean” Campaign (a promo that aired during ABC’S coveted Monday Night Football programming.) Don also spent five years as a staff member of the WGAw, most recently serving as interim Supervisor for the Guild’s Creative Property Registry. Lastly, Don wrote for several television and film projects, including Rising Dawn Production’s feature, Revolution Earth; GMAC’s Video series, Sam’s Place; and Wind Dancer Production’s situation comedy, Home Improvement.





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