Don I. Waldo

DON I. WALDO is an award-winning poet, author, screenwriter and producer with more than 20 of experience within the television, film and entertainment industry. He is also an innovative lecturer with five-plus years of experience lecturing at the university level.

Don has studied and worked in L.A. where he achieved a Professional Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA’s School of Film and Television; and, as a videographer, he produced a number of television commercials and industrial videos. Don also worked as a Reader, a P.A., a Writer’s Assistant and a Writer on numerous television and film projects.  Lastly, Don spent five years with the WGAw, most recently serving as the interim Supervisor of the Guild’s Creative Property Registry.

Don holds an MA in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UNC, Charlotte. Upon graduation, he became a lecturer at the university – teaching numerous writing intensive film courses that he designed from the ground up – often incorporating live Skype sessions with well known, working writers, directors and producers from the television and film industry.

Most recently, Don has achieved his MFA in Screenwriting from UNC’s School of the Arts – completing a television pilot, two features and a web-series episode directed by Andy Wolk (Sopranos, The Practice, Ugly Betty, et. al.) which Don co-wrote and co-produced with Livia Campos de Menezes. Between semesters, Don mentored young filmmakers during UNCSA’s renowned Summer Film Program.

Don currently manages DayDreamers Ink, a company that believes in fostering relationships with Storytellers who are champing at the bit to get their stories to the Big Screen. If we write it, they will come.