Lívia Campos de menezes

Persuasion and advocacy have been in Lívia’s blood since a young age. In middle school, she convinced her principal to create a theater club for which she wrote, produced and directed two plays. Along with her passion for storytelling, she has always loved to learn about other peoples and cultures. A native Brazilian, she speaks fluently Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and has worked in several countries within the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

Lívia worked for eight years in the private sector: from foreign trade, to supply chain, to project management and data strategy. She led diverse teams and applied rigorous analytical thinking to find creative ways to solve problems and deliver excellence to her clients.

A firm believer in cinema as a tool to spread stories that matter, Lívia has a Professional Certificate in Screenwriting and an MFA in Creative Producing. As a film producer, Lívia aims to be an agent for social impact. Her goal is to bring to life stories that are most marginalized in society and will begin this mission with ​*House Money*​.